Imagine 25 years without window cleaning

By its self-cleaning effect, ShineOn ™ is a unique product - meaning 25 years without window cleaning with at date a 10-year guarantee.

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Our product

ShineOn ™ is a unique product with self-cleaning effect. A simple application and no more window cleaning for at least 25 years.

ShineOn ™ is based on patented technology that ensures clean, clear windows, saving you time and money.

  • Proven self-cleaning effect.
  • Natural symbiosis between daylight and rain.
  • Lasts 25 years.
  • Saves water. Avoid the use of products.
  • Dirt and particles normally adhere to window surfaces.

    With ShineOn ™, daylight activates a photocatalytic process that breaks down dirt and particles on the surface of the window.<

    On surfaces treated with ShineOn ™, raindrops are transformed into a thin film of water all over the window surface.

    As the rain slides down the window surface, dirt and particles are removed.

    ShineOn ™ keeps windows clean and clear - no signs of dirt, raindrops or stains.








  • ShineOn can be applied on all glass windows.
  • ShineOn makes self-cleaning windows for at least 10 years.
  • ShineOn is a great economy for the building owner.
  • ShineOn is an ecological product that uses only natural resources
    to clean glass.
  • ShineOn is patented.

  • Photocat Garden - NOxOFF

    Since everybody is talking about the ambient air pollution, Renotech has decided to promote the product PHOTOCAT GARDEN - NOxOFF and we are now agents for Benelux and France. It is the only photocatalytic product that reduces by 20% the harmful effects of pollution in our environment. For your facades, roofs and pavers, here is the solution of a natural cleaning fighter.